Tuesday 13 May 2014

It seems that in Lawrence you can get a citation and fine for letting your front lawn get overgrown and everyone was very worried as the dandelions and long grass had reached critical height here in the land of the free – not so free it seems. I’ve been going to lots of local art shows. Bill Burroughs’s old friend Wayne Propst seems the best around here to me: he has a terrific sense of humour, which makes his work very accessible. In one local show he has a cow skeleton on a cross – it’s a monumental work – it’s a real cow – and incorporates a sack of ‘eggs’ and various other surreal elements. There is also a ‘Burroughs painting glove’ with bristles at the end of the fingers. It’s great stuff.

Wayne Propst's crucified cow

Wayne Propst’s crucified cow

Wayne Propst's painting glove

Wayne Propst’s painting glove

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